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Flowserve SIHI Pump, positive displacement and specialty pumps and system are key components in the worldwide oil and gas, hydrocarbon and chemical processing, power generation and water resource industries, as well as the general process and industrial marketplace. Flowserve pumps play a leading role in clean energy, greenhouse gas reduction and portable water supply efforts, along with the application of advanced production and process technologis.

Flowserve SIHI Pump, offers the world's most extensive lines of ISO 13709/API 610, ISO 2858 and ASME B73.1 compliant designs, along with pumps designed to nyclear, JIS and other globally recognized design standards. Inaddition to offering more than 100 distinct pump models,and also provides its customer unequaled engineering and technical support, with the industry's most progressive hydraulics, machanical, materials, monitoring and diagnostics capabilities.


Chemical Process Mark 3

Flow to 4540 m3/h

Head to 300 m

Pressure to 31 bar

Temperature to 400 °C

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Palm Oil Industries Side Channel (CEHA)

Flow rate 35 m3/h

Head 354 m

Pressure 40 bar

Temperature 180 °C


Volute Casing (ZLND)

Flow 180 m3/h

Head 140 m

Pressure 16 bar

Temperature 170 °C


Liquid ring Vacuum : Two stage (LPHX) Maximum performance

Suction capacity

< 10000 m3/h

< 590 acfm

Operating Pressure

< 33 mbar

> 25 torr

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